Freaks Unleashed Workout
by Ryan Watson


5 Day Training for the Ultimate in Mass Building!
Ryan Watson and Rob Terry take you through a methods of Building Freaky Muscle.

Freaks Unleashed Muscle Building Workout

Frequency Specific Volume Training You will learn that higher frequency training will isolate your weak body part, increase the volume and frequency of the stimulus to it unleashing new muscle growth.

Rapid Giant Sets Explosive style repetitions and rapid giant sets = Muscle Growth! Science has shown that the types of muscle fibers that produce the most growth are your type 2b fibers.

Eccentric Overloaded Exercises You will learn different ways to overload this critical phase of any exercise to ensure complete muscle destruction. The majority of muscle gains come from the negative part of the exercise movement.

All Out Effort Does your intensity suck? You will get serious motivation watching these two pro’s show you the standard for “Insane Workout Intensity.” There is an old saying that “Intensity Builds Immensity.”

Kill & Destroy Every Set You will learn underground exercise movements and training styles to build intensity and stimulate your muscles into hyper growth.

Stacking Intensity Training Techniques You will learn that by decreasing the resting time between sets you will save time, add variety, and of course, increase the intensity of your workout. Compounding movements and pre exhaustion supersets will break through any plateau!